A simple mp3 Player for your wordpress site

Mp3 Smooth Player is a simple html5 mp3 player that autodetect mp3 links and play them in a smooth fixed player in the bottom of the page…
try it: Play Percussion Trailer
[ddownload id=”1508″ text=”Download mp3SmoothPlayer wordpress plugin !”]


Put a simple link:
<a href=”http://wwww.yoursite.com/mysong.mp3″ title=”A New Day” > Play the super song Tell me something!< /a >
try it: Play the Super Song Tell me something 


  • Show / Hide on Page load
  • AutoDetect mp3 link or add class “micSP” anywhere with a href link to your mp3
  • AutoPlay first link
  • AutoScroll to next/prev link
  • Auto Add a little play icon to links
  • Add your own Css for link, and for the link actually playing


Show on load

If you need to show or not the player depending of the page you can add a <span id=’showleplayer’ show=’false’ > </span> false or true, with this span on the page the plugin will ignore the general ‘show on load’ setting…

If you click on the prev or next button and if the link is out of the window it will scroll to it…
Play this song and click on prev

Smooth Player uses:



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