Daniel Beja 3dHello everyone ! so I started working 3d with blender some times ago and wanted to change my laptop to have a more powerful graphic card… with the new rtx 3060 3070 & 3080 it’s a real good time to do that ! :)

I struggled to find appropriate and detailed benchmark for blender with those laptop so I thought I should collect them and do this comparison… I’m asking on forums everyone who ows one to send me benchmarks and I’ll update this page frequently… :)

It looks like the asus flow x13 with the dedicated egpu xg mobile is doing an incredible job in blender ! But I just found one review with those benchmark so I’m still looking for more infos…

How to do the benchmark ?

If you have a rtx 30xx laptop just go here: https://opendata.blender.org/ and download the little software, then do the benchmarks with optix and cuda (select the last version of blender…) and send to me the detail of the laptop and the results…! thanks in advance it may help a lot of people to choose :)

Cheers ! Dan

Laptops with rtx 3080 for blender

Laptop comparaison with blender and rtx 3060,3070,3080 - render time in second
Laptop NameGraphic Card & WattsCuda ClassroomOptx ClassroomCuda BmwOptix BmwFishy cat cudaFishy cat optixkoro cudakoro optix
Zephyrus Duo 153080 / 115 to 130W5725
flow x13+ xg mobile egpu3080 / 150W8629
Asus Scar 173080 / 130W124533415
Asus Scar 153080 / 130W125533415
Aero 15 laptop3070 / 80 to 125 W 68183986
MSI G76 3080 / 150W30166131
Desktop 30807551261142316546
my old laptop GTX 10803453509992
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